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Travel Industry Global Distribution System Education Center G313
The Travel Industry Global Distribution System Education Center of the department is the first of its kind in the country that provides situational simulation teaching through computer technology from which the students can fully learn about the real flexible management processes of the travel industry, and instructors can greatly improve teaching function and learning efficiency. In total there are: 50 individual computers, 1 server, 2 laser printers, 2 hubs, 1 standard cabinet, 4 window-type air conditioners, 2 wired microphones, 1 wireless microphone, 1 set of radio programs, and 50 EC series office chairs.
Software equipment includes the following in total:
             1. Lion travel ERP education system
             2. Cowell Information travel industry education system
             3. ABACUSand AMADEUSairline booking systems
             4. SPSS operation system
             5. Chinese and English typewriting exercise systems
Resource space for English learning
English corner
General language lab
Curriculum design matches the accreditation system of international dealers so that students can combine learning with employment experiences to create more future employment opportunities and competitive advantages.
Leisure commentary and experience classroom 
Game teaching and research center
設備頁面插圖  設備頁面插圖
Considering that technical and vocational education is highly correlated to the training equipment that conforms to workplace demands and that simulated learning environment correlates to teaching outcomes, the school specially imported advanced instruments and equipment into course study while making the design and plan for the curriculum. The current teaching equipment is as follows: 
1. Simulated practice cabin of a Boeing B747-400wide-body aircraft
2. MacDonald·Douglas MD-11 simulated practice cabin
3.Boeing B737-NGflight operations training aircraft flight simulator
4. Simulated ground booking counter
5. Measuring scale for baggage shipments
6. Simulated terminal
7. Transfer counter
8. Simulated reception counter
9.Manner classroom and airline reservation room providing students with emulated learning environment.
We’d like to thank China Airlines for their donation of
the Boeing B747-400 simulated cabin and simulated gate lounge to our department

模擬客艙1頁面插圖   模擬客艙1頁面插圖
EVA Airways donated the cabin seats of the MacDonald·Douglas MD-11 and at the present it is a multi-functional air duty cabin training classroom.
 模擬客艙2頁面插圖   模擬客艙2頁面插圖

模擬客艙2頁面插圖   模擬客艙2頁面插圖   模擬客艙2頁面插圖
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