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ITM Farewell Party 2020


Farewell Party has been one of our important traditions of ITM from time to time. Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, this year’s farewell party has to be held in a different way to assure our health and safety measure. Therefore, the 10th Students Association decided to hold an outdoor, carnival themed farewell party! The event was held at Sunset Beach Resort, Sizihwan on the 29th of May, 2020.


The event was started with an opening speech from Prof. Paul, Our director. Continued by an ice breaking with musical chair (some of our teachers were participating too!), then we had pizza for our dinner. After the hungry stomach is filled, the participants can wander around the venue doing some activities at 4 different booths! We had henna, DIY bracelet, ring toss, and surface tension booths! Also, we had some performance from our seniors and friends! To close the event, we lit up a candle with our classmates and made a wish before we blow them out together. And of course, last but not least the ITM Clap!


It was raining at the beginning, but the weather didn’t stop us from having fun as you can see our happy faces on the picture! Thank you everyone for participating, we hope that this event will be a good memory for us all. See you on the next event!



(bit.ly/108ITMGallery for more pictures)



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